RFID Asset tracking
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How to verify the presence and location of assets across the Enterprise

Discovering inventory or a piece of equipment is missing in the moment of need, causes untold disruption. While valuable employees search for the asset, production and service grinds to a halt. In certain fast-moving industries, such as manufacturing, retail automotive, and healthcare the labor cost alone is shocking. For example, nurses routinely waste 20-30 minutes per shift searching for medical equipment and supplies. And in manufacturing, the cost of production downtime has significant effect on output and the bottom-line.
Accounting for the whereabouts of fixed or capital assets is not only a fiscal obligation, it is a crucial lean business practice which can reduce asset theft and losses, and maximize staff productivity and equipment utilization.  However, the aggregation, storage, and utilization of detailed information about capital assets of different types, is challenging.  Current manual practices are labor intensive, ineffective, and only give you a snapshot in time.
Automating fixed asset tracking with sensor technologies such as RFID, improves accuracy, reduces the human effort involved, and provides real-time visibility. In exception cases, knowing where things are and how they got there, also provides invaluable insight to identify root cause for correcting error-prone processes and procedures.

Tendow for Asset Tracking
Tendow for Asset Tracking lets businesses automate the tedious task of tracking assets with the least amount of human effort. From the factory floor to the board room, Tendow provides real-time visibility on the chain of custody and whereabouts of high-value and high-utilization assets.
Strategically deployed RFID sensors automatically track the movement of assets in and out of designated locations, and within a location, a single trigger-pull on a hand-held reader instantly detects all present, added and missing items. In just a few key presses, new items, along with their photo, can be assigned a “home” location, while knowing the current location for missing items allows them to be retrieved or to be reassigned to a new “home”.
Tendow asset tracking improves business efficiency: It reduces losses due to theft. It cuts the lag between an asset being lost and replaced. It slashes the productivity waste of searching for missing items, and it shrinks cycle time.

Key Features:

  • Flexible use of fixed and mobile readers from leading hardware manufacturers
  • Easy to use mobile application reveals present, added and missing items at locations across an Enterprise
  • Reporting of complete current and historical information for government and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance
  • Seamless interfaces with existing MES, CRM, and ERP database systems
  • Standard and customized workflows using RFID, barcode, and hybrid designs
  • Tracks maintenance status and trouble tickets
Eliminate losses and stop wasting time searching for missing assets. Use Tendow to find things fast, and maintain real-time visibility of asset location and chain of custody.