RFID Container Tracking
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How to Track reusable containers without user intervention

Companies that ship their products or receive raw materials in returnable, reusable containers, find managing their return to be an expensive, time-consuming affair.  Dealing with misplacements, shipping errors, rate of return, and replacement of these containers can strain customer and vendor relationships as well.
Container inventory shrinkage of 15% annually is quite the norm in many industries.  But it doesn’t have to be that way. By tracking reusable containers with RFID, from your dock to your client and back, you can shrink cycle time, eliminate losses and improve accuracy.  All with less effort and less strain on your client relationships.  Getting those containers returned promptly impacts your bottom line. With more of your inventory in service, you won’t need to replenish as often.  Your container management is more streamlined and more scalable.  Your business is more competitive, and prepared for growth.

Tendow for Container Tracking

Tendow for Container Tracking is a sensor automation system for tracking your reusable containers through their use-cycle. You’ll know who has your containers at any time, and will be able to secure their speedy return without losses. Tendow integrates seamlessly with all industry standard RFID hardware and media, and is easily integrated with popular MES, WMS and ERP systems.

Key Features:

  • Customized workflows using RFID, barcodes, and hybrid designs
  • Personalized user interface for easy shop floor interaction
  • Reports and analytics for tracking location, use, maintenance, and ownership
  • Flexible use of fixed and mobile readers from leading hardware manufactures
  • Use of EPC GRAI format to meet standards compliance
  • Interface to legacy IT systems and EDI
Stop mismanaging your containers. Use Tendow for Container tracking to get the visibility you need to dramatically improve efficiency and directly impact the bottom line.